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Tax Deductible Donations for Vedanta Centre Building Fund

Vedanta Centre of Sydney Building Fund is an entity created to build an Educational and Cultural Hall to support and develop Spirituality and Vedanta education amongst the community in Australia. The focus is to provide Spiritual and educational facilities to the community, thus making a significant contribution to the future well being of our society. We plan to build the Hall in our Centre at Stewart Street in Ermington, NSW, over the next few years once we have adequate finance. The Council approved architectural plan envisages an auditorium, Meditation rooms, library and other facilities appropriate for spreading Vedanta. The cost estimate for the proposed development is estimated at $5.0 million. If you wish to see the drawings of the proposed building please contact the Swamis at the Centre ( 02 8197 7351 ) located at 2 Stewart Street, Ermington (entry from next to 144 Marsden road, Ermington).

We invite everyone to donate generously. All such donations towards the Building Fund are treated as tax deductible. Your donation can be deducted from your taxable income on which you have to pay tax thereby reducing your tax. The more you donate the bigger the deduction that you would be entitled to claim.


Deductions for gifts are claimed by the person or organisation that makes the gift (the donor). A donor can be an individual, company or a trust.


The amount of the deduction depends on the type of gift. For gifts of money, it is the amount of the gift of $2.00 or more.

Keep the Building Fund receipt with your other tax records. This will help you to prepare your tax returns and in case your claims are checked by the Tax Office.

If in doubt consult your Tax Advisor or Financial Planner.


Please choose any one of the following options to make your contributions:

  • Cheque payable to ‘Vedanta Centre of Sydney'. Please mention "For Building Fund" on a note along with the cheque.

  • Credit card (call our centre at 02 8197 7351/ 8197 7256)

  • Paypal (Please click on the donate button below)

  • Direct Bank Transfer : -

For Further detail please contact:

Melbourne Chapter - Vedanta Centre of Sydney,
5-7 Angus Ave
Ringwood East VIC 3135
Tel: +61 413 040 599
Email : vedanta.melb@gmail.com